Hinduism in Bali: Philosophy & Living Wisdom

Bali is the only remaining Hindu majority island in Southeast Asia predating even the Majapahit empire that spread across South East Asia.

How did the Balinese have been able to preserve their culture and religion for so long?

Learn more about Bali myth, philosophy and living wisdom from Yogini Linda Madani

The Balinese Hinduism believes that every element of nature possess power and a spiritual essence.

The elements are:

 Flowers (Bunga):

Flowers have two essential functions, namely -

as a symbol of God and a means of offering.

 Fire / incense (Dupa):

The fire of incense connects worshipers with spirit. - As an exterminator of all evil and evil spirits. - as a witness in the ceremony.

 Water (Tirta):

Balinese sprinkle Tirta three times on their head to purify negative energies held in the body, heart and mind. Water is an essential tool in worship.

Part 1 - How did Hinduism arrive in Bali?

This episode will explore how Hinduism arrived in the first century CE in West Java with traders, sailors who brought scholars and priests. We will also discuss the uniqueness of Hinduism in Bali and how it is different from India.

Part 2 - Hindu Dharma and Balinese ceremonies

This episode will discuss the concept of Hindu dharma: the four spirit helpers linked to four elements called Kanda Empat. We will also explore various rituals in the life of Balinese: from birth to death, the cast system and different type of priests on Bali: the pedanda, the high priest, the pemangku, or temple priest.

Part 3 - Balinese Cosmology

This episode will study the Nawadewata (Nine Gods), the nine rulers of the nine directions according to Bali's Hindu Dharma religion. We will also dive into the Balinese cosmology in architecture, types of temples and their symbology and appropriate temple attire. Lastly, we will discuss the purification ceremony such as Mewinten

Part 4 - Marriage Ceremonies & Water Purification in Bali

This episode will cover the different rites in the Balinese marriage ceremony, many of Balinese Gods, the origin of the holy water (Tirta) and how vital it is to the Balinese everyday life

Your Teacher - Linda Madani

Yogini Linda Madani has been living in Bali for 25 years. She has received the ancient knowledge of healing from the Balinese shaman Cokorda Rai from 1996 onwards, and she has integrated all this information into her yoga practice. As a result, she helped many people in their process of healing.

Linda would like to share her incredible journey of living in this magical island, her interpretation and comprehensive study on Balinese culture, deep traditions, history and the living practical wisdom prevalent in the modern world we live in today.

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